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PPG Consultants are very fast in delivering our services for our Clients and they have relied on us for many years to satisfy their needs. We are also one of the leading services in the urban and aviation industry for the South Pacific region. By using our consulting services, our Clients have a deeper level of expertise than would generally be available to them.

Our consulting services maintains the highest standards. We focus on our Clients' most important issues including technology, marketing, digital and advanced analytics. Our corporate and sustainability features are second to none. We maximize the productivity of users and provide project management services. We also provide performance improvement services for our Clients.


Our authorized training center is well-established, and we provide an acquisition team. We hold a professional license for all our services and are legally binding. We welcome feedback from our customers so that we can continually improve our professional service.

Design & Construction Services

  • Airside Pavements Installations and Improvements

  • Landside Pavements Installations and Improvements

  • PCT Reporting and Pavement Management Plans

  • Storm Water Installations and Improvements

  • Traffic and Transportation Installations and Improvments

Design & Construction Ancillary Services

  • Airfield Navigational Aids, Marking, Lighting

  • Approach Navigational Aids, ILS, AWOS

  • Hangar Buildings–Corporate, Executive, and T-hangars

  • Terminal/Maintenance Buildings Storage, Security, Office

  • Utility Infrastructure—Water, Sewer, Fuel, Deicing

Professional Survey Services


  • SUE Locating Services

  • Asset Inventory and Condition Assessments

  • ALTA Surveys and Staking

  • Site Surveys and Monumentation

  • Aeronautical Obstruction Surveys

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Services


  • Remote Sensing Mapping

  • Aerial Imagery and Digital Orthophotography

  • Aerial Mapping

  • Static and Mobile Scanning

Administrative & Planning Services

  • Grant Administration and Management Assistance

  • Master Planning and Airport Layout Plans

  • Environmental Assessments and Categorical Exclusions

  • Land Acquisition Assistance and Procurement

  • Procedure Analysis and Development

Geospatial Services


  • Electronic Airport Layout Plans

  • FAA “AGIS” Data Development

  • Infrastructure Management

  • IT Master Plans

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