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About Us


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Our Experience

Our firm was established in February 2001, and operates mainly between both American Samoa and Independent Samoa. 


PPG Consultants are a team of engineers providing various solutions from designing structures to technology standards. We provide superior Client service. We offer engineering solutions for many local and off island companies. You can trust us to provide the best solutions for your engineering services.

PPG Consultants concentrates on working closely with Clients both government and private sectors. Our services range anywhere from small size engineering projects such as drainage and/or stream hardening to medium to large projects which include pavement designs of runways, or the design of structural steel and concrete bridges.


A niche we have discovered while working in both Samoas has been the construction supervision and/or management of projects. While possessing professional contacts with associated firms in Hawaii, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Canada that provide the technical expertise on larger infrastructure projects, we are able to reach and work with our local Samoan contractors, having an appreciation of the Samoan culture and language.


We are confident that if given the opportunity to work on your project, PPG Consultants will be able to successfully execute and implement the completion of the project while at the same time maintaining the quality and integrity of the construction in accordance with expectations of the client and its government and federal regulations. We trust also that given our previous work experience and good relationship with our clients, we shall be able to assist in any way possible to ensure a successful completion of the project.

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